1. Animal Services

  2. City Manager

    Learn about the city manager.

  3. City Secretary

    Discover the city secretary.

  4. Community Outreach Center

  5. Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Explore the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

  6. Development Services

    Find out about development services.

  7. Economic Development

  8. Emergency Management

    Learn about the Emergency Management division.

  9. Fiscal Services

    Find out about the city's fiscal services.

  10. Fire

  11. GIS (Mapping)

    Discover the GIS department.

  12. Golf

    Explore golf in Grapevine.

  13. Historic Preservation

    Find out about historic preservation.

  14. Human Resources

    Find out about City personnel.

  15. Information Technology

    Learn about the I.T. Department

  16. Library

  17. Marketing, Communications & Media Relations

  18. Municipal Court

    Discover the municipal court.

  19. Parks & Recreation

  20. Police

  21. Public Works

    Explore public works.

  22. Utility Billing

    Discover utility billing.